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Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon makes up around 1.5% per cent of the world’s overall salmon production, but it enjoys an international reputation for its superior quality.

The Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon industry is very small compared to world salmon production. In 2000, Tasmanian production was approximately 11,000 tonnes. In comparison Norway produced 440,000 tonnes and other countries such as Chile and Scotland 250,000 tonnes.

International markets are quite a challenge for the small Tasmanian industry. However, Tasmania has a distinct quality advantage due to its pristine unpolluted farming waters, lack of major diseases, and excellent all year round farming conditions.

Exports have spread throughout Asia and include Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Guam, Malaysia, the Philippines and India. Evaluations and negotiations in other countries are continually being undertaken to ensure continued export growth is sustained.