This is a headingTasmania's Atlantic Salmon Industry

Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon comes from one of the purest and most pristine environments in the world. Australia’s southern-most State is renown for its cool, clean waters which make it an ideal location for salmon farming.

Many of Tassie’s salmon hatcheries are located in Tasmania’s protected Highlands, and the quality of the fish that result are second to none, particularly in the highly competitive Japanese market, where Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon attracts premium prices, above those of salmon from anywhere else in the world.

Tasmania’s clean, green environment gives our salmon farmers a head start, but they also use world best practice in their farming techniques and their dedication to quality can be seen and tasted in the fine texture and flavour of this exquisite seafood delicacy. This, combined with water temperatures which are favourable for growing top quality salmon which are free from major salmon diseases, enables Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon farmers to produce a product which is without peer.

Australia’s farmed fishing industry is tightly regulated by the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.